Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts

As the holiday season quickly approaches there are so many parties that begin to take place, most of which you may feel obligated to take a gift to! After all, it is the season of giving... But purchasing the perfect gift for the perfect hostesses doesn’t have to be hard. For example, everyone loves to drink something hot during these cool winter days, whether it be coffee, hot herbal tea or even hot coco; making mugs the perfect gift! AND we have so many cute holiday mugs to a choose from! You may also notice while attending a holiday party, it seems as though all guests (you included) tend to gravitate towards the hostesses’s kitchen... Because, let’s be honest, that is where the food is at! So, why not show up with a set of festive holiday kitchen towels. You could be a lifesaver when showing up with these!🎁✨And last, but most certainly not least, all of these gifts range between $10.95-19.95, keeping your wallet from feeling like such a grinch!

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